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The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced a recall[1] for several medications containing valsartan. If you or a loved one have been using these drugs and become sick, specifically those manufactured by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Solco Healthcare, or Major® Pharmaceuticals, you may be entitled to compensation. The distinguished product liability attorneys[2] at Rubin & Machado Ltd.[3], have handled multi-district litigation and pharmaceutical recalls for decades and can provide you with the sound advice and swift legal action you deserve. Schedule your free consultation with one of our attorneys in Chicago,IL, today to learn more. You can call (312) 327-1840 or complete our online form[4].

Valsartan recall

Valsartan has been found to be dangerous, with effects ranging from liver damage to increased risk of cancer.

What You Need to Know about the Recall

According to the FDA’s press release, the reason certain medications containing valsartan are being recalled is because N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a manufacturing impurity and probable human carcinogen, was found in the drugs. Individuals who have consumed these medications may have developed serious complications such as liver damage or cancer as a consequence. These effects are thought to depend on the dose and duration of time you have been using the drug. 

Our attorneys have dealt with multi-district litigation and pharmaceutical recalls for decades and can provide the swift legal action you deserve.

It is important to note that it can be comparatively more harmful in the immediate future to stop taking you medication completely. In the meantime, the FDA recommends that you contact your pharmacist or physician to determine if there is an alternative treatment you can use to replace your current prescription.

Are You Eligible for Compensation?

Valsartan is a common component in angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) which are typically used for conditions such as high blood pressure. There are three companies that have voluntarily recalled their drugs that contain valsartan, including:

  • Major Pharmaceuticals
  • Solco Healthcare
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd.

Your health could be at serious risk as a consequence of consuming these drugs. Legal assistance is essential to determine if you are entitled to restitution for expenses such as hospital bills and lost wages. 

How Our Lawyers Can Help You

Rubin & Machado Ltd[5]. is an established firm with abundant resources and over 50 years of combined experience. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in the nuances that are associated with dangerous drug[6] cases and can guide you through the complex legal process involved in facing these large companies. We have successfully secured compensation[7] for many clients in similar circumstances and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for you. 

We understand the realization that your medication, which is meant to protect your health, could actually be causing harm is devastating. In addition to legal services, we strive to act compassionately, providing the support you and your family need during this stressful time. 

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